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 Loot System [2012] 
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Post Loot System [2012]
For all current and future players who raid with Cake or Death, whether it's once in a while or regularly, here's an updated explanation of the guild's loot system and our policies regarding loot.

Officers' Choice > All
The distribution of loot in all official guild runs is, ultimately, at the discretion of the Officer (or Officers) present in the raid. (This includes those of Veteran rank and above.) Their say is final regarding whether or not you receive a piece of loot -- whether it's an upgrade for your main spec or off-spec. This is not saying that our loot system is a council system, but rather that the Officers may veto the loot list system described below depending on other factors for the good of the group and the progression of our guild.

Official guild loot system for all raids: A Suicide Kings Style Loot List
The system we use for all main spec loot distribution is based on the Suicide Kings system. If you've raided with us before, you'll be familiar with the loot list and how it works. The loot list itself is kept on the raiding sign up website and is viewable by any raider by accessing the site. The list for the particular group of raiders seated on any given raid night will also be located on the page for the raid night itself so once you are on the list you can always check to see your standing if need be.

At the start of each raider's first raid with Cake or Death (as of a new expansion), we'll ask for a /roll from everyone to establish an initial order and list all of the present raiders on the list in that random order. Anyone who joins a future raid who is not already on the list will be subject to the same random way of being added to the list. This ensures we all begin in a fair place.

When loot drops, anyone who can use the item as an upgrade for their main spec should say (in /raid chat or in Mumble) that they would like the item. (i.e. say something like "Use [item]" or "Main Spec Use [item]") We'll note who gets the item on the raid sign up site and your spot on the list will alter accordingly. If no one needs the item for main spec, it will open to raiders' off specs. (More on that later.)

As to how the loot list system works in our raids, not much has changed since 2008. As Kelsin so eloquently explained then:
This system works by keeping a giant list of every raider in order. When a piece of loot drops the member that holds the highest slot gets the item (under normal circumstances, the raid leader can always override this). That player gets moved to the end of the entire list. Every member below player A in the list that was part of the raid for that boss is moved up into the slot of the next player from the raid. This satisfies the first reason for choosing this system in that if you are at slot 3 and don't raid one night, you will remain at slot 3.

As you can see, the best thing you can do is take loot while being at the end of the list. This means you got two pieces in a row. Waiting for an item gives you no benefit in suicide kings since the quicker you take the next item, the quicker you start working back up the list. This encourages everyone taking upgrades and benefits the guild.

The loot list looks like this:


Players B, D, and E go out on a raid. A ring drops that they all can use (damn hunters!). Player B would win it. Player B moves to the end of the list while D moves to his old slot (leaving player C in the third slot) and Player E moves into Player D's old spot. Now the list looks like this:


So as you can see, there is never any inflation as with point systems. This is the main benefit that allows a casual guild member to get items fairly along side people that raid a lot.

Negative Aspects
The main problem with Suicide Kings is that you can't hoard "points" and waiting for that one item you want actually hurts you and wastes your time. I think this is good for our guild as well since it encourages gearing out everyone that raids in an effect to progress faster.

We've chosen to use this loot system and stay with it for so long for several reasons:
  • This system does not penalize those who can't make a raid because your rank on the list does not change based on attendance.
  • This system works to your advantage most when you receive a lot of loot often. You get the most benefit from never passing on an upgrade, which keeps the list in constant motion and benefits the entire guild.
  • The system ensures anyone who might pop in to help us out from time to time as a favor -- raiders from Daughters of the Alliance, for example -- a fair shot at loot, too, instead of preferring Cake or Death raiders over all attendees.

Loot, Main Spec, and Off-Spec
Which spec you have chosen to gear and play as your main vs. your off is something you should explain to the Officers in advance so they can take this into consideration in potential loot discussions. If you are gearing both specs equally -- say, gearing your Tanking spec while also gearing your Healing spec -- that's another factor to explain to the Officers. Keeping us informed is the best way to ensure a fair, fun raid for everyone.

Loot that no one needs for their main spec opens to anyone for their off spec. Receiving that loot for your off-spec does not affect your rank on the loot list. If multiple raiders ask for the same item for their off-specs, a simple /roll off (held either by the master looter or by asking the players to roll themselves) will determine who receives the item.

Passing on Loot to Keep Your List Rank
As a rule, by passing on loot for your main spec for the sake of keeping your rank on the list -- to wait for a later boss's loot, for example -- does not benefit you or the guild because it stalls the movement of the list. We strongly recommend you take any and all upgrades you can use when they drop instead of passing either for your own future benefit or even to help another player. That said, we do realize every circumstance of this will be slightly different and in some cases it may be in the group's best interest for someone at the top of the list to pass in favor of someone else or waiting -- but again, all final loot calls are at the Officers' discretion. The loot list is inherently fair, so help it help everyone and we'll all benefit in the end!

Crafting Pattern Drops
Because as of 5.0 all epic crafting patterns for Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, and Tailoring are Bind on Equip, not Bind on Pickup, when a recipe drops in a raid the Officers present will determine whose crafter (either the present character or their active alt) will receive the item or if there will be a /roll off between crafters. Keep in mind that active, generous players who (both in the past and currently) contribute to the guild and its raiders with materials and items will likely be preferred over less active crafters or alts.

Final Note
If you have any questions or concerns about the loot system and policies of the guild please don't hesitate to reach out to one of the Officers. Talk to us in game, on the forums via private messages, or in Mumble!

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